About Me

Welcome to my website.

As a VFX editor for 2 of the worlds largest post production houses – Framestore and Double Negative, I have extensive experience in the industry. I have a range of skills from editing directly with the client working to their fluid brief for a specific piece of work to establishing common formats for sharing information and putting together showreel pitches to catch the attention of directors.

Originally from Poland I moved to the UK in 1998 to study Multimedia Arts in London which gave me an excellent grounding in the use of visuals. I then went on to build my career in post production, starting as a data operator. It was in this role that I developed my skills in Linux and my knowledge of large computer infrastructures and data exchanges. Later on I became a render wrangler for the largest rendering farm in Europe which gave me the opportunity  to work on some exciting projects including Best Visual Effects Oscar and BAFTA winner “The Golden Compass” and Oscar and BAFTA nominee for Best Visual Effects “The Dark Knight”

I later progressed to the editorial department where I started as an assistant supporting the Visual Effect Editor as well as getting directly involved with the film handling, scanning and recording processes and running the digital cinema and producing the DCP packages for dailies screenings. My first big project was Spike Jonze’s “Where the Wild Thing Are” where I was running dailies sessions with the director and VFX supervisor and was responsible for backing up  Avid project and creation of the showreel. During that time I was  asked to cut the pitch reel for a highly anticipated James Cameron project. The showreel was to include all of our best environment work. After a successful pitch in 2008 my company started working on the project in early 2009. The movie was Avatar and gave me unprecedented experience in working purely with 3D.